Genuine, organic, change with Communicate & Howe!

The launch of Communicate & Howe! is my next step in using my professional communications expertise to change the world. I love making an impact on the lives of people whether they live nearby or halfway around the world.

My name is James Howe and I look forward to working with you to make a difference. Through this website’s blog, I will share with you my perspectives and expertise on communicating in the charitable, arts & culture and small business sectors. I hope these posts help you to help your organization achieve its mission. I will emphasize efficient, cost-effective solutions that will help you to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Sometimes that means spending a buck and so it’s important to recognize when a project or task lies beyond your skills and abilities and requires bringing in outside expertise such as a graphic designer or a communications strategist. All posts in this blog are by me unless otherwise stated. But before I putting up these kinds of posts, I will give you a better idea of my approach to communications.

My approach to communications

Let me begin by telling you about my friend Don whom I have known for more than 20 years. I have always described Don as the most genuine person that you could meet. You always know that you are dealing with the real person. One of his traits that I especially like is that Don is an average guy who talks about the issues in plain language. Over the years, I have contacted him at times to use him as a one man focus group to take the pulse of what people are thinking about an issue from someone who is not from a world that is fully immersed in the issue.

I believe that you should follow Don’s lead when you communicate. You must present your true face and speak in everyday language. By doing so, you can make a connection with people like Don–and its that connection that is critical to establishing and enhancing the relationships that are necessary to change the world. By keeping someone like Don in mind, my experience is that you can reach the broader cross-section of people necessary to achieve your objectives.

In short, my philosophy towards communications can be summed up in three words: Genuine. Organic. Change.

Genuine: Effective communications connects with your audience in an authentic way. Be who you really are and use “your voice.”

Organic: Your audience responds when your communication feels right and builds a relationship with them in a natural way.

Change: Use a strategic approach that ensures the best use of your resources to reach your audience and get them to act.

By engaging with me as a reader of this blog or as a client of my firm, I hope to help you to make a difference in the world whether it is through your charitable actions, enriching the cultural fabric of your community or providing products and services that fill a need you have identified.

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Genuine, organic communications inspires change. Put “Genuine. Organic. Change.” to work for you.

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