Getting started on Twitter: What do I say?

What do I say?

Sure you can tweet about your lunch if you want to. If you’re a foodie, maybe that’s exactly what you should say but for the rest of us, thee’s probably something else you could say.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Answer: What are you thinking? Ignore the Twitter prompt: What’s happening?
  • Share a link to something interesting you found online such as a news article, blog post, recipe, website or anything else. Include a brief headline or description so that people have some idea on what’s on the other end of the link.
  • Share information that you find in print or as you live your life. Chances are that what you found interesting can be found online. It’s often easy to find and share a link.
  • Ask questions to get input or crowdsource solutions. Looking for a recommendation for a nice restaurant? Want a review on a movie you’re thinking of seeing? Having trouble finding a piece of information you’re seeking? Ask. Chances are you’ll get responses that you’ll find helpful.
  • Let people know what your organization or business is doing and how they can get involved. Yes, it’s ok to talk about yourself and push out information about your businesses services or fundraising requests. Keep it to a small minority of your tweets though so that people know you are interested in engaging with them. They are more likely to be receptive if they see the odd traditional marketing tweet if they feel they have a relationship with you.
  • Direct people to your own content. Let people know about what’s new on your blog or other new information you have posted online.

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