Getting started on Twitter: What else should I know?

What else I should know to get started?

Here are a few other items to know that can help you to begin on Twitter:

  • @Mentions – This section shows replies to your tweets or any tweet where your Twitter name is mentioned.
  • How “reply” works – When you reply to someone, your whole list of followers doesn’t see it if their username preceded by @ is at the start of your tweet. The account you reply to sees it in their “@Mentions.” It can also be seen by anyone who follows both of you and is searchable from the master Twitter feed. Keep that in mind if you want your followers to see what you saying. If you are having a personal conversation, you are better to use a Direct Message or take it off Twitter and connect some other way such as e-mail.
  • Say thank you for RTs – If someone shares your tweet with their followers it is because they found value in it and thought others would too. Take a moment to reply and say thank you since they are helping you to reach more people and potential followers.
  • Direct Messages – You can send direct messages to anyone who follows you. Use them for messages that are intended for that specific person and not the world.

Managing Twitter

If you are going to be on Twitter regularly, I suggest that use tools that help you manage it such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite (for teams). They help you to manage lists, ongoing monitoring of search terms/hashtags and do so for multiple accounts. They often now allow you to manage other social media accounts but as I’ve posted before that should be done selectively.

Want to learn more?

Mashable has a great resource guide that covers just about everything you might want to know about Twitter.

Getting started on Twitter series

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