An introduction to social media (video)

I recently presented a couple workshops that provided an introduction to social media. I will be posting some video excerpts here.

Today’s video looks takes a high level over view of what social media is and how it works. The principles cover apply generally to all forms of social media. Following the video, you will find a point form outline of some of the concepts presented and links to related blog posts.

Join the conversation

  • A conversation is occurring about your business or organization and/or on issues concerning you. You can choose to be a part of the conversation or ignore it at your own risk.

Be online who you are in real life

Social Media is about building relationships

  • Avoid hard sales
  • Avoid only pushing out information
  • Listen / engage / interact
  • Connect online with people in real life & vice versa
  • Blog post: Putting the social into social media
Social Media is about building community

Social Media achieves results over the long term