Where do you find the time for social media?

Earlier this week I read a great post by Danny Brown that debunked three popular social media myths. Danny is right that doing social media well enough to get the benefits of it requires an investment of time. Unfortunately, I find that price is enough to scare people away from using it so I try not to emphasize that upfront.

A question of priorities

But how do you find time for social media is a question that frequently comes up. When it does I like to remind people that they are already making decisions on how to invest their time and it comes down to a question of priorities. Using social media is likely a much better use of your time than some of the ways you are currently using your time–some of which you may not even need to be doing. So before you say you can’t afford to spend time on social media, take a hard look at how well your time is currently being spent.

But yes, to enjoy the benefits of social media you must invest enough of your time to make the relationships and participate in one or more communities. I like to compare it to going to a coffee shop. If you go to the same one at the same time everyday, you’re likely to make relationships (with the potential benefits that they naturally bring). But if you only go once a month, you’re unlikely to establish any new relationships through going to the coffee shop. You need to want to make social media a priority before you make your investment of time.

But just as when investing money, you don’t need to start out making a significant investment. It’s possible to make an entry level investment and ramp it up as you start to see results like establishing new relationships.

If you’ve been active enough on social media to see the benefits, how did you work it into your schedule?