#WRawesome Online: @JuanitaMetzger

I have a weekly segment on CKWR with Randolph J. Johnston called #WRawesome Online, Mondays at about 12:30.

Each week, I’ll feature an interesting website, blog, twitter feed, facebook page or other online destination related to Waterloo Region. I hope by doing so that I’ll help people find places online that help them to connect to their community–online and in the real world. By doing so, I hope to help people find online places that they might not find otherwise and make our community a better place to live.

For folks looking for communications advice, you can get tips from each selection featured. I’ll highlight at least one example in my weekly post.


When I first got on Twitter, one of the people that I was drawn to and learned a lot from was Juanita Metzger. In twitterspeak, her handle is @juanitametzger.

I have always liked how community building is featured in what Juanita posts to Twitter (aka tweets). By following her, you can learn about a lot of things that help to bring people together in our community. She also shares links to information and events that help you learn how to build or enhance community. A special interest is how community building is a key part of being smart on crime by helping to reduce or prevent crime. By knowing and caring about our neighbours for example, we have stronger neighbourhoods where people look out for and help each other.

Juanita is a good model for tweeting

Did you know you can see what is being said on Twitter without having an account? If you know someone’s Twitter handle, you can see what they have to say by going to: twitter.com/username. For Juanita, that would be: twitter.com/juanitametzger. You don’t need to include the @ symbol. You can also search for words and terms such as “crime prevention” or hashtags such as “#smartoncrime” without being on twitter.

Juanita is a good person to follow if you are just getting started on Twitter. She uses it correctly to share interesting information that has value. But she doesn’t push information. She engages with her followers about her posts and does the same with the folks she follows. She also generously resends (aka retweets) interesting tweets of the people she follows and says “thank you” when here posts are shared by her followers.

Another good reason to follow her when you get started is that while she is on Twitter daily, she is not a power user who tweets frequently all day long. This means that if you are following a small number of people, you won’t risk seeing too many tweets from her.

If you are interested in making Waterloo Region, your community or even your neighbourhood better, follow Juanita Metzger on Twitter.