#WRawesome: 365 Things to Do

I feature an interesting website, blog, Twitter feed, Facebook page or other online destination related to Waterloo Region on CKWR with Randolph J. Johnston called #WRawesome Online, Mondays at about 12:30. I hope by doing so that I’ll help people find places online that help them to connect to their community–online and in the real world. By doing so, I hope to help people find online places that they might not find otherwise and make our community a better place to live.

You can also find links to each week’s selections on Midday with RJ’s Facebook page.

For folks looking for communications advice, you can get tips from each selection featured. I’ll highlight at least one example in my weekly post.

Blogs: 365 Cambridge & 365 Kitchener-Waterloo

Today instead of featuring just one awesome Waterloo Region online destination, I’m featuring two. If you’re looking for something to do in Cambridge, you can find out every day at 365 things to do  in Cambridge. Today, for example, you can discover where to learn gaelic. This blog  a was started by realtor Amanda Maxwell. It was inspired by 365 things to do in Kitchener-Waterloo where today you can learn about the Prime Bar-B-Q Restaurant and get a quick review. This blog was created by realtor Keith Marshall.

I’ll admit I’ve never been a regular at either site but that may change. Each blog has a great mix of events including by charities, music, food, health and kids activities. They are especially good if you are new to town or if you’re looking for new ideas for getting out and about. We all easily fall into routines and patterns and sometimes we can benefit from getting a new idea–or being reminded of a forgotten friend.

Are they blogs?

I checked with Keith Marshall to confirm if I should refer to them as blogs or websites. He responded, “I think I’d consider the 365 sites as blogs as we update everyday and are often personal experiences.” I agree though I’d add another critical criteria. The main difference between an article and a blog is the ability for the reader to comment. Both 365s meet that criteria and while I didn’t see a lot of comments I did see some.

Great use of social media for business

You might have been concerned when you heard that these blogs were started by realtors. You might think you’re setting yourself up for the hard sell. I see no evidence of that on either site.

On the contrary, it looks like it’s a great use of blogs to attract people to a website. People are more likely to come if they see value in the content and will only return if they are comfortable that they can get value without getting the hard sell. At the same time though, the realtors get brand exposure to people who would never go to their dedicated real estate websites. They also get a chance to demonstrate their expertise about their communities, get their names known and build relationships. By doing so, they are likely to get calls and business that they otherwise would never see. And all for a small investment of their time.

I also like how Amanda and Keith work collaboratively on the sites. Another thing I like is that they have extended this effort to include Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.