SM Fundamentals: Choose which social media fit best with you and your organization’s goals

I recently wrote an article for the International Association of Business Communicators’ CW Bulletin about the ten fundamentals of social media every charity and nonprofit should know. I am also sharing them here in a series of posts so that I can go into more detail about each than I could in the article and so we can discuss them individually. I should note that while my audience for the article was people involved with charities or nonprofits, these fundamentals are relevant to everyone on social media especially any small t0 mid-sized business or organization.

Here is the seventh post in the series.

Choose which social media fit best with you and your organization’s goals

If you are just getting started using social media, you are best to wade into the pool rather than jump in the deep end. Pick one platform and use it well instead of doing too many and none of them well. Which one you choose depends upon your comfort level with the different options, your organization’s goals and how you are most likely to reach your target audiences.

For some, the platform might be Twitter. For others, Facebook might be the best place to be. For some, it may be somewhere else like LinkedIn.

As you feel comfortable with what you started using, you can add more platforms. Eventually, you will almost certainly want to be using multiple forms of social media. But if your resources including your time or staff time are limited, focus on your where your time is best spent and don’t worry about being everywhere. You don’t need to be on the next big thing no matter how great the hype might be. Chances are you can wait for it to prove itself, determine if it is a good use of your resources–and still be cutting edge compared to similar organizations.

What do you think?

Have you successfully followed a similar approach? Have you had success juggling multiple forms of social media? If so, how do you do it?