SM Fundamentals: Add value. Share content that is interesting or useful.

I recently wrote an article for the International Association of Business Communicators’ CW Bulletin about the ten fundamentals of social media every charity and nonprofit should know. I am also sharing them here in a series of posts so that I can go into more detail about each than I could in the article and so we can discuss them individually. I should note that while my audience for the article was people involved with charities or nonprofits, these fundamentals are relevant to everyone on social media especially any small t0 mid-sized business or organization.

Here is the eighth post in the series.

Add value: Share content that is interesting or useful

If you want to reach new people through social media, you need to give them something of value. Generally that means sharing content that is interesting or useful. That sounds easy enough but it often stumps both individuals and organizations who believe they have nothing to say. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you find a piece of information, a blog post or a news story interesting or useful, someone else will too. This content will be found by people who share your interest or a have a similar need because you are adding value for those people.

To learn more about what I mean, read my post about what to say on Twitter.

What content do you share that people find has value? What content do you most enjoy being shared by others?