The importance of making your voice heard

I don’t normally cross-post any content here from my personal blog but today I will.

In October, I gave a talk at Ignite Waterloo that I called “Make your voice heard.” I believe that my message that day was important and so I wanted to share it with people who visit this blog too. I think that you will find that what I say is consistent with my desire to work with social profits (nonprofits, charities, arts and culture organizations) and to help you to change the world.

Rather than repeat all of my content from my personal blog, if you would like to learn more I suggest you read what I posted there. It includes the text of my planned remarks and what I wished I had time to say including tips on how to make a difference.

Have I inspired you?

How will you make your voice heard? How will you change the world or make Kitchener a better place to live?