Don’t ignore your back side!

We’ve all seen it. We probably even have been guilty of it. We’ve ignored our back sides.

You know. You’re reading some print material. Maybe a multi-page document. Maybe a traditional three-panel brochure. You get to the back and it’s pretty much empty. If there is something there, it’s likely where the contact information is stuck though even that is probably because it wasn’t really suited to go anywhere else.

The back side of the piece has been ignored.

Why? I’m not quite sure. If you have any ideas, I’d love you to post them in the comments section. It’s almost as if the people behind the publication ran out of steam or perhaps they just forgot that there is a back.

The ignored back side is far too common. Charities, nonprofits, small business, the public sector, even large businesses are guilty.

I really can’t fathom why.

Prime real estate

photo of back sides of publications

The back side of a print publication is prime real estate. If a document is put down, the back is most likely to go down. But there’s a good chance that it will face up. That makes it one of the two pages or panels that are most likely to be viewed. Make it work for you!

Think about it. What are the chances that a magazine is going to have a blank back? Or any section of the newspaper? Advertisers covet those spaces and there’s often a premium to get them.

There are some cases when a blank back side may be appropriate such as an academic report. I’m not talking about those situations.

Even book publishers whose hard cover books often have blank back covers (inside and outside) understand the power of the back cover. The dust jacket almost always carries some key marketing messages to try to get you to judge the book by its cover–and buy it!

Make use of your back side

How you can best make use of your back side is difficult to say. Each case, each publication is different. You need to decide based upon your objectives for the piece or your goals as an organization. What is important for people to know? What is your call to action? What do you want people to do?

Think about it. Work it into your plan for the piece.

Once you take advantage of the power of the back side, you’ll never look back again!