#WRawesome Online: Jason Dykstra

I feature an interesting website, blog, Twitter feed, Facebook page or other online destination related to Waterloo Region on CKWR with Randolph J. Johnston called #WRawesome Online, Mondays at about 12:30. Here is the Midday with RJ’s Facebook page.

I hope by doing so that I’ll help people find places online that help them to connect to their community–online and in the real world. By doing so, I hope to help people find online places that they might not find otherwise and make our community a better place to live.

For folks looking for communications advice, you can get tips from each selection featured. I’ll highlight at least one example in my weekly post.

Waterloo Region Awesome Online:

Jason Dykstra

I first met Jason Dykstra online and watched him as he learned how to use social media over the last year and a half. He’s since matured in his use and definitely qualifies as Waterloo Region Awesome Online.

From Cambridge, Ontario, Jason is someone you should be following on Twitter (@jasondyk). In part because he’s an excellent example of how to use it well. He engages in conversation to build relationships and community. He also share valuable content.

Jason is a mediator who practices alternate dispute resolution. In short, he helps people handle conflict. As he wrote recently:

We aren’t always looking for it, but it will often find us.  It gets us at work, at home, even on our peaceful walks through the park or a rowdy evening at the bar.  It affects our productivity, our finances, our emotional and physical well-being, even our self-esteem.  We can run and hide from it, curl up in bed in the fetal position or go in “guns a blazing.”  What are we talking about? Conflict.  It surrounds us, it’s everywhere, the question is; how are we to deal with it?

From “Engaging with Conflict Starts with Listening.”

Jason shares his own content AND content from others that help you to deal with conflict or grow as a person. For example, here he talks about how to avoid reacting to conflict. People follow Jason because they know he shares information that they want and need.

Jason helps us to handle conflict in a constructive way that strives to find win-win solutions. Following him on Twitter is a good start to improving how you react to the conflict that all of us experience.