Stand out from the crowd!

bulletin board full of postersStanding out from the crowd can be a difficult thing to do. Most folks strive to fit in and be just like everyone else. Their goal is to be normal. I spent at least the first half of my life trying to fit in and being concerned what people thought about my every move. Then I realized that I needed to be me and accept who I am. More recently, I’ve learned that only by standing out do I get noticed and become a change agent.

You want your communications to stand out!

Standing out from the crowd is important when it comes to communications too.

Too often we default to what we did last year. If we want to do something different, we look to see what others are doing. We take comfort from fitting in. We think it’s even better when what we want to do is considered best practice.

But do we get noticed? Does anybody take up our call to action? Do we create any awareness.

Too often, sadly, the answer is no because we don’t stand out.

art show poster on street post filled with posters

How & why to stand out

I walk along King Street in Kitchener every day. Seldom do I stop to look at any of the posters plastered on light posts. But this one got me to stop. To pay attention.

Even if I don’t go to the opening of this exhibit at the Artery, the poster is a success. It got my attention. If it that happens often enough, it will attract the desired audience.

It attracts attention partly because it is so clean and simple when most posters try to do so much and cluttered. The content of most posters competes with itself so that you don’t know what to look at and sometimes what it wants you to do. Put enough posters together such as the photo at the start taken at Ryerson University and they start to blend in.

Except for the paintball poster in the photo at the top. It stands out from the clutter. Again, it achieves it from a clean, minimalist look.

The art show poster also stands out by its choice of paper. The paper gives the poster a different look–even a different feel. Being a heavier weight poster, it should also survive better than a lighter stock. As I’ve said before, choose your paper carefully.

I also really like that the poster works for an art show. It’s a genuine, authentic expression of what it’s trying to publicize. I expect when someone arrives, their expectations will have been set and met by the poster.

Make a difference. Decide to stand out.

The next time you are making decisions on how to reach your target audience. Make a conscious decision to stand out from the crowd. I suspect you’ll be happy you did!

And trust me, if you want to change the world. It’s hard to do if no one notices you. Find a way–whatever works best for you–to stand out so that you can be successful.