#WRawesome Online: Project Macfrica

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I hope by doing so that I’ll help people find places online that help them to connect to their community–online and in the real world. By doing so, I hope to help people find online places that they might not find otherwise and make our community a better place to live.

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#WRawesome Online:

Project Macfrica

Today, 20 Mac computers are in Kenya and on their way to a school thanks to Project Macfrica. A team from Waterloo Region lead by Matt Scobel is making this delivery that will give the students opportunities similar to their North American counterparts. It’s a heartwarming and inspirational story.

In this #140 Conference video, Matt talks about the project which he initiated.

The project’s website is a great example of using technology. The project’s blog contains frequent updates of the trip to deliver the computers. It’s a great way to let folks–especially donors–know what is happening and the impact of the project.

It’s great to see a local grassroots efforts make an impact far away.