#WRawesome Online: @daejin_v2

I feature an interesting website, blog, Twitter feed, Facebook page or other online destination related to Waterloo Region on CKWR with Randolph J. Johnston called #WRawesome Online, Mondays at about 12:30. Here is the Midday with RJ’s Facebook page.

I hope by doing so that I’ll help people find places online that help them to connect to their community–online and in the real world. By doing so, I hope to help people find online places that they might not find otherwise and make our community a better place to live.

For folks looking for communications advice, you can get tips from each selection featured. I’ll highlight at least one example in my weekly post.

#WRawesome Online: @daejin_v2

If you are looking for example of how to use Twitter, follow David Yoon.

He’s a great example of how a personal Twitter account helps you to connect to your community. And if you’re interested in using Twitter for an organization or business, it’s important to learn how to use it on a personal level first.

But more importantly, David is a #WRawesome Online guy!

David is very interested and connected to our community. He helped get the Ignite series going and his volunteer commitments include TEDxWaterloo and Compass Kitchener.

Before I met David or spent any time with him in person, I knew quite a bit about him. For example, I knew:

  • he liked food including from a variety of cultures
  • he worked in the tech sector but only occasionally tweeted about it
  • he’s married with a child
  • he’s interested in making his community a better place to live
  • he’s interested in new and different ways to do things

In short, he’s a well-rounded guy and his Twitter account reflects who he is. He’s the definition of the genuine use of social media.

I attended an Ignite speakers meeting and I learned that David hadn’t spoken yet. He wasn’t sure what he would talk about. I immediately suggested food because although I didn’t know him well at that point, I knew he often tweeted about great places to eat. He agreed but said that what he really knew a lot about was tequila–real tequila. He ended up talking about that at Ignite.

His use of Twitter also lead to the creation of Straightup KW which is a series where hard liquor connoisseurs try taste a variety of whisky, scotch, bourbon, etc. When something like that emerges out of your social media use, you’re doing something special.