#WRawesome Online: kwkids.com

I feature an interesting website, blog, Twitter feed, Facebook page or other online destination related to Waterloo Region on CKWR with Randolph J. Johnston called #WRawesome Online, Mondays at about 12:30. Here is the Midday with RJ’s Facebook page.

I hope by doing so that I’ll help people find places online that help them to connect to their community–online and in the real world. By doing so, I hope to help people find online places that they might not find otherwise and make our community a better place to live.

For folks looking for communications advice, you can get tips from each selection featured. I’ll highlight at least one example in my weekly post.

#WRawesome Online: kwkids.com

You may have seen the bus shelter poster around town directing you to something called kwkids.com/soc. Following that link takes you to a page called Strengthening Our Community page.

The page features information for people–especially parents–with children in their lives. It provides links to information on:

  • taking care of yourself
  • reading aloud to children
  • enjoying family time
  • accepting others

In short this page, helps parents and other primary caregivers of children to enhance their abilities which as a result strengthens their family. Having stronger families with kids who have greater self confidence, self esteem, literacy and social conscience make our whole community better.

A quick note: The page contains several links to videos that I’d suggest be embedded right onto the page.

But that page is only one part of a larger website, kwkids.com.

The website started in 2007 by Jana Campbell who as a parent was looking for a one-stop resource for what she could do with her child. Last year, Jana transferred ownership to KW Counselling which has a record of working to strengthen children and families.

The site continues to be a great go to resource for what is happening in our community. It includes a daily schedule about what is available everyday and a directory of what different kinds of activities that you may be interested in. It includes every day activities but also special events and even has a special camp section.

While it is called KW Kids, there is still plenty of value in it for children in Cambridge, the townships and probably even Guelph.

If you spend time with children, the site is for you. Not only parents can benefit but grandparents, other relatives, child care providers and other care givers. If you have a child in your life that you want to help grow into a successful, responsible adult this website has ideas for you.

So it’s only natural that the site be extended to help reach parents and other caregivers with information about how they can play their role as best as possible.

kwkids.com is also active on Facebook and Twitter.