How to add “posts by others” to your Facebook page

Update June 25, 2014: Looks to me like the new format for Facebook pages makes this advice obsolete. You’ll find “post by others” with greater detail than before on the column of items on the right side.

Update April 28, 2013: I understand the new iPhone app for Facebook doesn’t allow pages to see posts by others. I’m afraid I can’t help with that problem but if your accessing Facebook through the web and experiencing that problem, read on!

There’s one aspect of the new Facebook timelines for pages that I haven’t seen covered that I believe is important. It’s what is now referred to as “Posts by Others.”

On the original Facebook pages, people could write on your page’s wall. Allowing them to do so was part of what made your page social and demonstrated engagement. Now when someone posts on your page, it looks like it goes straight onto your page but it really doesn’t. If that same person leaves and comes back to that page, they will see their post in the “Posts by Others” box which (if you have selected to show it) is near the top of the right column just under where you see which of your friends like that page. I know that’s what happens because that’s exactly what happens when I post on the Midday with RJ page as shown above.

You can set the default of visibility of posts by others to be “Allowed on Page.”


But in my experience, you can’t count on that setting to work. See what Social Media Breakfast: Waterloo Region’s page looked like for the period of March 8 – 13 despite having the default set to allow posts by others.

And then take a look at it when I manually allowed individual posts by others to appear on the wall.

You’ll see that posts by Claire Kerr and Clare McDowall that weren’t there originally are there now.

How did I do that?

You can let Facebook know which posts you allow on your page by clicking on the little “x” that appears in the right had corner of a “Post by Other.” It will bring you up a drop down menu like the one shown here. If you click on the “Posts by Others” and expand it, you have a similar experience with a larger “x” that is easier to click on. Refresh the page in your browser and it should now appear where it fits chronologically.

With any luck, the default system is working for you or Facebook will ensure that it works for all of us.

My experience with multiple pages is that the default “allow on page” is not working. So if you see a post in that box, check to see if it is in the timeline. If not, use the manual method outlined here to allow it. You’ll see that the same drop down menu also allows you to highlight the post on your page.

But perhaps it’s not such a bad thing if the default isn’t working. You may be more comfortable deciding post by post whether you want it to appear on your page or if for some reason it should be hidden. This same technique allows you to retain that decision-making ability.

Go ahead and do so but be sure to check your page at least once a day to see what if anything has been posted by others.

I also highly recommend going to the post that is now on your page and commenting on it, like it or share it. This person demonstrated that they have a strong connection to your page and you want keep that relationship strong–and possibly strengthen it–by using it as an opportunity to interact with that person.