Building relationships using Twitter: Deconstructed

I’m a big fan of Top Chef. There’s one type of dish that I always find fascinating and that’s a deconstructed dish. It’s where the elements of a familiar dish are taken apart and served together but in a far different way than they are normally served. The idea is that when the dinner eats the new dish (usually by putting the elements back together) it is like eating the original dish. At its best, a deconstructed dish transcends the original and achieves a higher level of gourmet cooking.

How to build relationships using Twitter deconstructed

One of my most read recent posts is How to build relationships using Twitter.

I wrote it to help me share some concrete tips on using Twitter to build relationships for a presentation. Here I will deconstruct it by presenting it through multimedia elements: video from my Youtube Channel taken at the Social Media Summit held in Waterloo Region and the slide presentation as uploaded to Slideshare.

I’ll leave it to you to determine if my reconstruction is successful or if it transcends the original post. I’m confident though that whether or not my experiment with deconstruction works that you’ll find some valuable content in one or more of the following elements.

So? Did my deconstructed post work for you?

Do you have any tips to share about using Twitter to build relationships?

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