John Haydon is Mr. Facebook

John HaydonI regularly look to John Haydon to learn how to enhance my digital media use. He even influenced my decision to use Headways theme for this website.

What comes first to mind when I think of John Haydon is Facebook. He is after all The Nonprofit Facebook Guy. The man may know more about Facebook than Mark Zuckerberg–at least it seems that way to me. He’s all over the place sharing his knowledge of how to use Facebook especially from a social profit perspective. But knowing how to successfully use a Facebook page is the same for any business or organization.

At a recent conference I attended, Joe Thornley said that being successful on Facebook required lots of work to understand its secret sauce. That’s true though in part that’s due to the constantly changing ingredients in Facebook’s secret sauce. That’s why I look to John Haydon who understands the secret sauce as well as anyone can–and more importantly is on top of all the changes and pending changes to Facebook.

John Haydon deserves to be known as Mr. Facebook.

John Haydon speaking at Social Media inspirations!

So when planning Social Media inspirations! as the first inspire! event, John Haydon was at the top of my list of speakers I wanted. Because of his extensive social media expertise, he’s the type of speaker that I wanted to bring to southern Ontario from his home in Boston as part of my new speaker series.

Here’s what John Haydon will present:

Developing an Epic Facebook Strategy for Your Nonprofit

This session will walk you through how to create an effective Facebook marketing strategy. John Haydon will help you to define your audience, understand the “native language” on Facebook, develop a content strategy, engage with fans and measure results. You will walk away with a solid game plan for your organization’s presence on Facebook.

Get your ticket now!

John Haydon knows Facebook marketing

John literally wrote the book on marketing on Facebook: Facebook Marketing for Dummies Here’s a 3 minute video where he shares 6 Fundamental Steps for Success on Facebook.

He regularly creates how to videos that often show how to handle changes to Facebook (though I don’t think he’s covered how to add posts by others to your Facebook page). Here’s a playlist of many of them:

Learn more from John Haydon

Here’s where you can learn more about and from John Haydon:

  • John Haydon’s blog
  • His company Inbound Zombie

And of course, you can learn from him in person at Social Media inspirations!

What would you like to learn from John Haydon?

Please post questions or topics that you would like John to cover when he’s at Social Media inspirations!