What do your last three tweets say about you?

Jennifer Gough not only had the best shoes I’ve ever seen on a speaker at Social Media Breakfast: Waterloo Region. As a panelist on our recent arts and culture panel, she proved she knew something about both Twitter and personal branding.

Jennifer Gough’s Rule of 3 Tweetsmindseystudio

Jennifer is an artist who successfully uses Twitter to market herself and her work. Many local folks think of her affectionately as @mindseyestudio.

When sharing how they use social media, Jennifer shared her Rule of 3 Tweets.

Basically, she’s aware that many people look at your most recent tweets to help decide if they should follow you. Depending upon how your accessing Twitter and the personal profile, the number may vary but commonly about 3 tweets are shown.

Jennifer’s point is that your last three tweets say something about who you are and how you use Twitter.

Like many active users, she often tweets more than three times when she’s on Twitter. But unlike many of us, she tries to make a point of showing three things in her last three tweets.

  1. Post something about her interest in the arts
  2. Reply to somebody to show she is open to having conversations.
  3. Share something inspirational

Jennifer admits that she doesn’t always follow this rule. I don’t blame her since I think it’d be very difficult for me to follow it. But at least she’s thinking about what her tweets say about her and aware that the most recent 3 are especially important.

When she shared it with those attending, it immediately struck me as something so obvious and at the same time something that I’d never realized nor heard before. While it is somewhat similar to my advice to new Twitter users to everyday: post a tweet, reply to a tweet and retweet (or share) a tweet, it is distinctly different in that it’s a rule we can all use.

So I wanted to share it with you so that you could reflect on what your last 3 tweets say about you–and just maybe keep that in mind before you sign off Twitter for awhile to live your life.

What are you saying about who you are?

Take a look at your last 3 tweets. What do they say about you?

Do you consciously think about what your last few tweets say to someone who doesn’t know you? Will you start to?