How to handle other organizations posting on your Facebook page

In one of my LinkedIn groups, a question was posed about what to do if another organization was posting its events on your organization’s Facebook page. In this example, it was repeated several times. The first couple times, the posts were ignored and then it was decided to start deleting them.

Here’s a version of my response that I thought might be helpful to others in a similar situation.

I expect they’re posting on your page because they think it’s event of interest to people who like your page. Are the posts showing up in your timeline? My experience is that often “posts by others” get stuck in that box and need you to manually allow them onto your timeline. If that’s what’s happening on your page, then I wouldn’t worry about it too much since they probably aren’t getting seen by many if any people. But if you would like them to show, I have a post that shows how.

At the same time, I encourage organizations to like other pages, that are formal partners or even just informally working towards a better community, as a source of content. It helps makes it easier to come up with content that is suitable for your audience. While I’m thinking broader than fundraisers, fundraisers could be among the content shared from other pages especially outside of when you are in high gear to promote your own. Hopefully, they’ll also share content from your page (including your fundraisers). I think there is a lot of potential as looking at other organizations as collaborators working toward a common goal of a better community rather than as competitors.

What you’ve pointed out too is the difference between a social space like Facebook is open to others. You must be using your page well if someone else thinks its a good place to spread word about their event. You could take it as a compliment and maybe even see how it could be reciprocal. Your example shows the continuing importance of websites where we have control over the content and how it is shared.

Do you have any other suggestions? Has it happened to you?