Brilliant use of the back page

When I attended the recent Hillside Festival in Guelph, I was flipping through the print guide looking for the site map. Then I glanced at the back page and there it was. Brilliant!

Hillside program back page


As I’ve written before, don’t ignore your back side.

Hillside has provided a brilliant example of how to make the most of your back page. The festival on Guelph Lake Island features music on three stages, a spoken word stage, food and craft vendors and much more. Knowing your way around is very important. Hillside has recognized that fact and chose to put it in the easiest possible place to continually refer to for directions.

They could have placed it inside somewhere and forced folks to constantly try to find it. Or they could have put it inside the front or back covers which would likely be the first step in the guide falling apart. Instead by putting it on the back, they made it quick and easier to find and use.

A much better choice than the blank or low value uses that the back page featured on many social profit sector publications.

Think about it for a second. If you’ve ever considered buying the ads in a print publication, the back page rates are always among the highest options because of the visibility it provides.

So it is worth repeating, don’t ignore the back page of your publications.

So take a moment and think about how you use your back pages. The next time you are planning a publication, think like an advertiser who would buy that space. How would you use it? Then make the most of that prime real estate!