Learn to handle online crisis & how to navigate the world of online video

On Monday, inspire! arrives in Stratford with two important topics: dealing with online crisis and navigating the world of online video. Get your ticket today!

JASON DYKSTRA: What to do When S#$t Hits the Fan

Jason Dykstra

I’ve known Jason Dykstra since about the time he first started tweeting. Since that time I’ve seen him emerge as an expert in online communications in his own right. In June, Jason spoke to a large group at the Social Capital Conference in Ottawa and rocked the house with his presentation on dealing with online conflict.

For me, it was a highlight of the weekend and I immediately suggested to Jason that I’d love to have him share his presentation to inspire! audiences in southern Ontario.

Jason deals with conflict daily as a mediator. Given that online crisis may result from conflict or turn the proverbial mountain into a mole hill, Jason’s perspective is expertly applied to how to handle online crisis. He’ll use real life examples to show what can go wrong. He’ll also share how you can avoid worse case scenarios by applying the principles behind the acronym LISTEN.

Whether your online crisis is a result of a mistake or an online conflict, Jason shares best practices of how to avoid having your organization trending for all the wrong reasons.

NELSON DUNK: Deymystifying the online video world

Nelson Dunk

Nelson Dunk of Skylight Productions is normally found behind a video camera or in an editing suite.

He emerges regularly to explain the world of online video to folks who realize they should be taking advantage of the benefits of using video but aren’t sure exactly where to start or which services and tools to uses.

I saw Nelson navigate a group of small business owners through the world of online video a year ago at the @Marketplace Conference. So it came as no surprise that the Kitchener-Waterloo Community Foundation had brought Nelson in to help nonprofits get their footing on how to use video online and even guide them to create their own videos.

With video becoming increasingly a key piece of your content marketing strategy, I asked Nelson to share his presentation with inspire! He’ll share some of the latest stats and developments related to online video so that you can figure out what your next steps are to put video to work for your organization.

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