Goodbye Foursquare? Hello Instagram!

Sometimes a social media diet Are you on Foursquare?might just mean using a different (hopefully better) mix of social media. I’m looking at using Foursquare less and giving Instagram a whirl.

Goodbye Foursquare?

I resisted Foursquare when it was the shiny new object in the social media world. Why did I want to tell people where I am? Especially if they weren’t close to me–even less if they only knew me virtually.

Then I attended a conference in San Francisco and I fell in love–with Foursquare. What I loved was how it helped me explore and discover the city. Still I never became a big Foursquare user because I spend nearly all my time in Waterloo Region and I know it extremely well. Twitter meets my needs to learn about new places to go and try and few local businesses offer specials on Foursquare.

Still it shocked me recently when I checked in on Foursquare to see when my contacts last checked in:

  • Jeff G. – 2 days ago
  • Karen – 5 days ago
  • Clare – 12 days ago
  • etc.
  • then I saw that Shum Attygalle last checked in 607 days ago.

The Foursquare evangelist who convinced me to use the app hadn’t checked in for nearly two years! I knew something was up and I couldn’t imagine Facebook’s poor check in feature had won over the loyalty of former Foursquare users.

So I needed to find out why he wasn’t using it anymore? Did it mean that Foursquare is dead? Did something replace it that improved upon the Foursquare that I loved?

Here’s Shum’s explanation:

Yes I haven’t checked into Foursquare literally in years. Reason being: no adoption in this area.

Sadly, that was always the issue and that’s why I tried so hard to keep promoting it around but to no avail. As such James, I just gave up on the network. As you may have noticed now, the company has split into two apps: Swarm and Foursquare. Swarm is actually the check-in app and Foursquare is more of a discovery tool.

Interestingly enough I still use Foursquare when I go to the US, but here in KW, it’s unfortunately not of value to me anymore.

I haven’t started to use anything else to replace it just yet, but as always … I’m keeping my eye out!

While I noticed changes to Foursquare such as not trying to get me to compete with my friends for most points, I missed its split into two. Here’s an interesting read from The Verge on the thinking behind this strategy. If nothing else, it shows just how fast the pace of change is in the digital world when a 5 year old app needs to revisit what made it enormously popular due to new technology.

So I’ll be saying goodbye to Foursquare except when I’m out of town and looking for great places to eat or things to do.

Hello Instagram!

Yes, I know I’m late to the party. Very, very late!

But as a proud supporter of Waterloo Region technology, I couldn’t use an app that wasn’t available on my Blackberry. Technically, there still isn’t one but there is iGrann which is a very good Instagram client for Blackberry 10.

I discovered it earlier this year and over the past few weeks, I’ve tentatively begun exploring the world of Instagram. So now that I can, I’ve started to personally use it so that it can inform my professional use. I’d like to get a better sense on how it might be able to benefit clients and both potential clients and employers.

I still have much to learn but here’s a few things I’ve noticed.

  • Private accounts are more common on Instagram than on Twitter. Any ideas on why?
  • Simultaneously sending Instagram pics to Twitter is acceptable. Generally, cross posting is frowned up so that you can be authentically present in each space but in this case it seems to be ok. In part, that may be because an Instagram post looks like a tweet so it doesn’t look out of place on Twitter.
  • Using many hashtags is common–but again, I’m not sure why.

What else should I know to shorten my learning curve on Instagram? What Twitter accounts, blogs or Instagram accounts should I pay attention to so I can learn how to effectively use it especially for nonprofits?

photo credit: iamdanw via photopin cc