The spheres of nonprofit communications strategy

Strategic Communication Spheres

Having a communications strategy for your nonprofit is not enough.

It must have a connection with both your organization’s overall strategic plan and your mission and vision.

I’ve been preaching that connection since I started Communicate & Howe! But until recently, I used a graphic that only showed how the different aspects of communications strategy related to each other.

Nonprofit communications strategy is connected to your strategic plan

The above graphic brings the preaching and the graphic together to show how your nonprofit communications strategy is connected to the bigger picture.

Think of it as a Venn diagram. The circles may not intersect as you might expect but they do show how each piece relates to the other.

The diagram may look more to you like a set of Matryoshka (Russian nesting dolls). There’s some truth to that but not entirely. While I have positioned your website at the centre of your online strategy, it could easily have its own strategic circle. Just as could other aspects of online or digital communications such as e-mail. And once you start down that path, the circles are going to start to intersect.

Along that line, I’m not suggesting that communications be so prominent within your organization as it appears here. I recognize that there should be many other strategies that flow from your nonprofit’s mission, vision and strategic plan. Human resources for example or delivery and enhancement of programs.

I’m deliberately keeping things simple to make a point: Communications is only successful when it contributes to a nonprofit’s overall success.