Who We Are

Communicate & Howe! specializes in nonprofit communications! As a full service communications firm, we do it all and we only do it for nonprofits.

We’re not a wing of another agency nor do we juggle you with for profit clients. We’re 100% committed to helping you to change the world not just when our we can afford to help you or when it’s convenient.

Communicate & Howe! treats your nonprofit like a client.

Not like a charity.

That’s a HUGE difference. It means we’re ALWAYS there for you. It means we’re committed to looking long term and taking a strategic approach. We see the big picture of how each of your communications tools work together for greater impact–and make that happen!

Sure. We get that you’re a charity with precious financial resources. Our pricing reflects that reality. But nonprofit communications is NOT overhead. It has value because it is intrinsically tied to enhancing your work.

We help your nonprofit deliver its mission and strive for its vision!

That includes helping your organization enhance its internal communications capacity rather than being dependent on us for all your communications needs.

Check out  how we can help your nonprofit. We also offer workshops and welcome invitations for speaking engagements.

Meet James Howe, our Chief Idea Guy!James Howe, Chief Idea Guy! at Communicate & Howe!

A Virtual Agency

We stay nimble and cost effective by being a “virtual agency” with a network of communications and creative professionals,

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