Nonprofit Visual Identity Portfolio

Reep Green Solutions

As its Communications Manager, James Howe updated the Reep Green Solutions logo for several reasons. Everywhere else the organization used “REEP” which was originally an acronym but wasn’t used as one anymore. The all lower case version reinforced the acronym by highlighting the second “e.” So a decision was made to use “Reep” consistently and in all black to avoid being seen as an acronym. In the original logo, “Green Solutions” is secondary almost as a tagline might be added to a logo so to show that the full proper name those words were made more prominent.

changes to Reep Green Solutions logo

new logo on Reep Green Solutions signs

Community legal services

Communicate & Howe! created visual identities for the following nonprofit organizations. In addition to the logo, the identity was carried over to other materials such as letterhead and business cards.

Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk Community Legal Clinic



Waterloo Region Community Legal Services