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This change to Facebook ads could cost you

When I went to create a Facebook ad recently, I was surprised by a change to the how to create a Facebook post I wrote for Pamela Grow’s blog. The change is subtle but it could be costly if you are new to Facebook ads or are not paying close attention.

I always advise to use CPC

I’ve always advised that Facebook ads are a great way to introduce your page to new people. They are especially helpful when launching a page or giving new life to a page that hasn’t been consistently active. You still need to provide content with value and engage people but the ads help introduce them to your page and what it offers them.

I have also always advised people to choose the “Cost Per Click” option (CPC) over the “Cost Per Impression” option (CPM). By making that choice, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. That means you know how often your ad worked and only pay for when it does. While it doesn’t measure conversion if you are trying to inspire a donation or another e-commerce option, it is a pretty good to be confident that your money is being spent on actual clicks. If you’re promoting your Facebook page, this info combined with stats on actions taken (in this case to like your page) gives you a reasonably good metrics on your ad’s success.

But personally, I’ve always preferred Cost Per Click (CPC) because when working with a limited budget I like knowing that I got bang for my buck. CPC ads are a step up from other forms of advertising where it’s difficult if not impossible to know whether anyone saw it or acted upon it.

We used to have a choice between CPC and CPM

Here’s how the choice between CPC and Cost Per Impression (CPM) used to work:

Your objective now determines how you pay

Facebook no longer asks you if you want CPC or CPM. Instead, it now asks you what your objective is for your ad campaign. If you select “like my Page” it automatically uses Cost Per Impression. (see below) I’m sure that Facebook has reasons for making this change but I don’t think it’s in the best interest of organizations working with a limited budget that seek the best bang for the buck. The result is that you can end up spending money on impressions without getting the same quantity of response (clicks or likes) that you can get with CPC.

change to FB ads - impressions

Choose “click on my ad or sponsored story”

What you want to do is open the drop down menu in Objective and select “click on my ad or sponsored story.” That choice means that you’ll be charged per click instead of by impressions.

Cost per Impression default

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