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Searching for my next career opportunity

Time to switch gears

Hey there! After more than four years of operating Communicate & Howe! as a full-service communications firm specializing in nonprofits and charities, I’ve decided that it’s time for a change. So I’m shifting my primary focus from running and building my business to searching for a full-time position.

Communicate & Howe! remains open for business.

I’m continuing to work with my existing clients and I’m open to projects with both previous and new clients. I may even continue to offer professional development opportunities. In many ways your experience may not change in the short term. Even over the longer term, I anticipate remaining open for business on a part-time basis as appropriate and as time allows.

What’s really changing is my career goal and how I spend my time. While I still believe there’s a tremendous need by nonprofits and charities for a strategic communications approach to delivering their mission and striving for their vision, I’m not able to do so in a sustainable way any longer through my business. That means my goal of enhancing the communications capacity of social profit organizations through providing external expertise is shifting.

What am I seeking?

I recently ran to be on Kitchener City Council because I saw that role as being a logical next step in my efforts to contribute to community building. The results mean that I’m seeking a different next step to contribute as a change agent.

I’d like to find a full-time position that allows me to pursue my interest in community building. I expect that means a position that puts to use my experience and skills as a communications professional. Most likely in the public or nonprofit sectors.

I’m open though to making a real shift in career. I’m also interested in positions that can use the knowledge that I’ve demonstrated in my campaign related to urbanism, social justice and other components that contribute to building a strong, healthy community.

To learn more about these components and how they work together, see my weekly e-newspaper Building Healthy Communities in Waterloo Region. You can get a better sense of my efforts in this area on my personal website

If you have any ideas or learn of any opportunities that may be interesting, please let me know.


My preference is to find a Waterloo Region based position though I’m open to the possibility of a short commute up to about 30 minutes.

I’m also open to exciting opportunities further away if that move also makes sense for my wife and kids.

Looking back & forward

I started Communicate & Howe! because I wanted to take my career into my own hands and see what was possible. I often said that even in the worst case scenario, I’d have many experiences and opportunities I’d miss out on had I been content with a conventional career move. I also knew that I’d meet many new people that could enrich my life and my network.

My time organizing Social Media Breakfast: Waterloo Region alone achieved this goal. My activity with NTEN especially through its annual Nonprofit Technology Conference enriched my professional life. I’ve gained friends through both.

I’ve been privileged to be a part of making a difference in many lives through working with clients such as Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region, World Accord, the Waterloo Region Early Learning Coalition, a number of Community Legal Services offices, the United Way of Cambridge & North Dumfries and many more. Please see my portfolio for examples of this work.

I’m also confident that I’ve helped hundreds if not thousands of other organizations through sharing my communications expertise through this blog (which until recently ranked in the top 150 nonprofit blogs). My series on how to develop a nonprofit communications strategy continues to be very popular. Many others learned how to get their heads around social media especially Twitter and LinkedIn. I plan to continue this blog indefinitely.

This work helped to create opportunities such as authoring the social fundraising chapter in Excellence in Fundraising in Canada: Volume 2 and numerous speaking engagements.

My next steps are to update my portfolio and polish this website and my other online sites such as my LinkedIn profile. I’ll also be busy networking and developing new ways to showcase how experience and expertise contribute to my proven record of success.

Stay tuned!

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