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7 must follow Twitter accounts for nonprofit communicators

I recently learned how to get analytics from Twitter about how your account is performing. If you’re interested, I highly recommend the article How to Use Twitter Analytics to Find Important Data found at Social Media Examiner.

I found one piece of information very interesting. It shares the top accounts that your followers also follow. Here’s the top Twitter accounts also followed by my 2,642 followers.

Your followers also follow

On the one hand, I didn’t find this list surprising.

  • It reflects my geographic base in Waterloo Region/Southwestern Ontario (@globeandmail, @CTVKitchener, @WR_Record, @CityKitchener)
  • It has a couple high profile Canadian tweeps who excel at Twitter (@rickmercer, @strombo — though I’m surprised not to see @jianghomeshi)
  • And it has a couple industry leaders on digital media (@mashable and Canadian @unmarketing from nearby Oakville)

But except for @nonprofitorgs, there was an absence of accounts sharing my focus on communications for charities and nontprofits. Perhaps that means I need to enhance my branding but I see that as a result of my success at being known locally as a source for social media knowledge. I positioned myself as an expert to a broad range of people through founding Social Media Breakfast: Waterloo Region and organizing it for three years.

These are all great accounts to follow…but it surprises me not to see many of what I consider must follow accounts for people communicating in the social profit sector. So here they are!

7 Must Follow Twitter accounts for Nonprofit Communicators

These accounts are not only great sources of nonprofit content but they also demonstrate how to make best use of Twitter.

Beth Kanter (@bethkanter / @kanter)

I’ve shared my admiration for Beth before. This time I’ll just say: Trust me. Follow Beth Kanter. Be sure to follow the links to her blog posts where she offers tremendous value.

John Haydon (@johnhaydon)

I’ve referred to John as Mr. Facebook. The truth is the guy is walking advice on a wide range of ways of using digital tools to connect with your audience and get them to act.


If you work at a nonprofit and your job involves using technology to get your job done, you need to be connected with NTEN. At a minimum, you need to follow it on Twitter.

TechSoup Canada (@techsoupCanada

Perhaps best known as a source for software for nonprofit’s, Tech Soup Canada is another great resource for professional development for how the social profit sector can best use technology.

Jason Shim (@jasonshim)

Jason seems to always be on the cutting edge for what is available and interest to nonprofit tech types–especially for those of us in Canada. He humbly credits his network but there is no doubt that combined, he deserves to be followed.

Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal / @invisiblepeople)

Mark Horvath single handedly models how much one person can do to use digital (including social) media to bring attention to a cause. Feel you don’t have enough resources? Think about how much Mark accomplishes with Invisible People to help us see and want to help people experiencing homelessness and know that you can do the same.

Nonprofit MarCommunity (@npmarcomnty)

This website from Torontonian Marlene Oliviera is a collection of the collective wisdom of a wide range of people working in marketing communications for nonprofits.

Your must follow sources to great content

This list could go on and on but I’ll resist. I’m able to do so because if you follow these seven accounts (plus me @communic8nhowe), you’ll not only get the great content they produce but you’ll be connected to the best of the best of all the other great sources of content. One trait of those featured here is that they also regularly share what they find interesting and useful.

Who are your must follow nonprofit Twitter accounts?

Who do you consider to be must follow on Twitter for nonprofit communicators? Please keep in mind both how well the account uses Twitter and the value of their tweets.

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