Small Business

Providing the building blocks for success

“At first glance small business may not seem to fit beside charities and the arts on this website, but I see all three as requiring cost-effective marketing communications solutions that get results. I have also concluded that the entrepreneurs running small businesses are, in their own way, changing the world around them. For example, they are filling an identified need or helping to build or strengthen relationships.

I want to help these brave souls to realize their dreams.”
James Howe

Nobody knows your business like you do and how people can benefit from patronizing it. You are definitely an expert in your field of expertise. Part of running your business is knowing when you have the skills in-house and when you should bring in outside expertise. You know for example when you should bring in an accountant or a lawyer.

You may recognize that your marketing communications or public relations could use the talent and expertise of a professional but you might think that means spending big money. That’s where Communicate & Howe! comes in! We are specialists in getting more bang for your buck and getting results.

Bring us in and we’ll make your life easier

We learn about your business so that we can talk about it in a genuine way. We look for organic ways to help you to promote your business that fit with what you are doing and what your customers expect of you. We put it all together into a strategic package that you can either implement yourself or have us do for you.

Quality cost-effective solutions to meet your needs

As a full service communications firm that is run as a “virtual agency,” we provide the same level of quality of service that you expect from a larger firm. We can pull together the expertise that you require whether it is a unaddressed admail piece, radio advertising or table top displays. We take care of all the details for you. We will look for your help and guidance on content but we do not expect you to do our job and figure out how to creatively present it to get your customer’s attention. You will also benefit from our superior customer service that comes from our personal attention to you and your needs. You also benefit from the cost certainty of our pricing model.

Learn more about what we do and how we can help your small business.