Communicate & Howe! can find the most cost-effective advertising to target your audience. We strive to find the best combination of size and frequency to grab attention and inspire action.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

This type of online advertising is one of our current favourites because it can be highly targeted and you only pay for what people click on. Services offering it also have good statistics and reports that are continually improving. Highly recommended for cost conscious advertisers if your target is found on one of these sites because of the targeting and the fact that you can control your overall and daily expenditures.

  • Facebook – use for organizations and businesses marketing directly to real people especially if you want to increase participants in Facebook pages
  • Google – use the Google Grants program to effectively use your Adwords budget for maximum impact
  • LinkedIn – use for business to business advertising (B2B) or teach reach professionals/upper income earners


We can help you figure out when an ad in the Waterloo Region Record is your best option–or how to effectively use its sponsorship of advertising space. We also know many other options that can get you a bigger size preferably with greater frequency such as:


We have established contacts at nearly all of Waterloo Region’s radio stations that we can use to help you reach their audiences.


TV can be a good choice and reasonably cost-effective use of a budget that may not need to be as big as you think. We have contacts at CTV Southwestern Ontario that we can use to help you reach its audiences.

Here is an example of a television ad that James Howe helped create while at the YMCAs of Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo: