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“I am excited about the power of social media to connect people and make things happen. I have enjoyed these benefits first hand and want to use my experience to help others discover them too. Using social media is about building relationships, having a dialogue, listening and responding. I can help you join the conversation.”
James Howe

Communicate & Howe! helps you navigate social media. We can help you identify which opportunities best suit your objectives, goals and audiences.

Here’s how we can help, we:

  • present seminars and workshops that introduce social media, present tips on using different forms of social media or cover relevant topics
  • offer social media coaching one on one or small group (up to 5 people)
  • can develop a social media strategy–preferably as part of an online strategy or a larger communications strategy
  • develop a social media policy (including guiding staff throughout your organization on using it)
  • teach you how to make social media a part of your behaviour for interacting with your target audiences
  • help you learn what how to identify or create content or develop a content schedule
  • assist you in establishing your own online community.

Learn more about how Communicate & Howe! can assist you with using these popular social media platforms.

Learn about social media

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