Social Media Consulting

We offer several social media consulting services:

Relationship between types of communications strategies

  • Online Strategy – Your online strategy is often a subset of your communications strategy. It covers all of your online activities such as your website, your social media, your e-newsletter and any other online tools that assist you to achieve your mission with your available resources.
  • Social Media Strategy – Your social media strategy determines what platforms you will use, when and why within the framework of communications planning.
  • Social Media Policy – A social media policy is a set of guidelines for staff or volunteers for using social media.
  • Social Media Audits – We can take a look at your organization’s use of social media and make recommendations on how you can enhance it.
  • Presentations & Workshops – We can make presentations to your organization or group to help them get their heads around social media–whether it is an introduction to it or a specific aspect. We can also organize a hands on workshop that are skills focused. Examples are what we offer to general audiences.

We are also happy to figure out how to help you deal with an issue or situation that doesn’t neatly fit into one of these services