The art and science of connecting and sharing

If you’ve never been on Twitter, you might be asking yourself why do you care what I had for lunch today and why do I want to know if you liked the last Game of Thrones episode? Misconceptions that grew out of the early days of Twitter from how it promoted itself

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you know that it is the best source of instant information and a robust way of sharing information. In many ways, it’s similar to blogging with most people on Twitter having one or two primary focusses for most of their messages. The most popular tweets are those that contain a link to more information on a website or blog or a link to a photo or video. Check out what we’re posting on Twitter on the right hand side of any page on this website.

You can easily connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion, interest or hobby. Once you know how to use it, you can use it to for professional development or to learn and share more about any topic you can imagine.

An opportunity for a genuine connection with your audience

For a charity, arts organization or small business, Twitter is an opportunity to connect with your target audiences in ways not previously possible. If you want to use Twitter that it’s important that someone on your team tweet so that the messages are authentic. I recommend this because you are already have relationships with your audience. Posting your own information that reflects your knowledge and personality are key to the genuine relationships required to grow your following organically and create the change or action that you seek.

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We have many posts about getting started on Twitter and how to make the most out of Twitter. Here is where you can find the best.

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