Video offers excellent opportunities to tell your stories–especially visual stories that only a few years ago were difficult to tell. Technology and Youtube have revolutionized what is possible and what is acceptable.

Do-it-yourself videos can now be used depending on the purpose and audience. They haven’t replaced professional videos if anything the pro ones stand out from the crowd. There’s nothing like a professional quality video and sometimes nothing less will do.

We’re willing to travel to help you capture your straight forward video stories.

We can also pull in videographers and editors if they are best to deliver what you need.

We’re also interested in working with you to figure out how to make the most out of your Youtube channel, your Vimeo account or whatever other video tools work best for your communications or social media strategies.

We can also:

  • determine your needs
  • help you to select and/or work with a video firm
  • write a script
  • ensure your video is integrated into your overall communications efforts
  • promote your video

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