Communications Strategy

Inter-relationship of different communications strategiesCommunications at its best is a complex mix of science and art. There is much more than meets the eye to knowing how to select the best ways to reach your target audiences that makes the most efficient use of your resources (human and financial) and then do so effectively to get the desired results. That insight and knowledge is what takes communications from being purely tactical (ex. creating a newsletter because it’s time for a newsletter) to a strategic level.

A communications professional can see the big picture and determine what communications tools or channels can most effectively reach your target audiences. They also understand how all of the pieces work together and support or affect each other with both consistent messaging and a common look and feel.

Communicate & Howe! excels at developing a strategic approach to communications–and then executing it! We strongly recommend clients start by creating a communications strategy. In some cases, you may prefer a strategy for marketing communications, online communications or social media.

We create your communications strategy by:

  • 30 minute conversations with up to 5 key players on your team including those on the front lines
  • taking a look at what others in your field or similar fields are doing to identify best practices or opportunities to be different
  • reviewing your existing communications materials
  • an online survey of up to 10 questions (if desired)
  • focus groups (an optional extra)

Then we analyse the results of our research and apply our communications expertise to recommend the best strategy for you.

Your communcations strategy will include:

  • goals and objectives
  • target audiences
  • key messages
  • communications tools / channels with recommendations on how to use them.
  • how to evaluate your success

Next steps:

When you work with Communicate & Howe! on a communications strategy, you will get a stand alone plan that you can implement yourself, work with us, work with other vendors or any combination of these options.

How to create a nonprofit communications strategy

You may prefer to do it yourself. James Howe has written a series on how to create a communications strategy for your nonprofit.