A true internet pioneer, I have seized the opportunities presented by technology to deliver information and engage audiences in dialogue since I launched a website for John English in 1995. I’m still proud that we got coverage on the front page of The Record and in Maclean’s for being the first elected federal or provincial politician in Ontario to have a website. I continue to believe a strong website is one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate and must be the centre of your online strategy.

James Howe

Don’t confuse us with a true web design firm but Communicate & Howe! can help you with your website needs.

Blog-based websites

We started with free blog and theme to create our website. We have only paid for our own domain and mapping for a grand total of $19.97 US.

We’re still with WordPress but now we use the self-hosted version and a premium theme.

Many small businesses, charities, non-profits and arts organizations could enhance their website by getting us to turn a blog into your website. Just like this site, you can have pages and custom menus in addition to having a blog. That’s where we come in. Once established, it’s easy for you to update and maintain or you can get us to do it for you.

We can also help you determine which WordPress solution is best for you AND we can make it happen!


  • $1500 for a basic based website (up to 5 pages plus blog page) including content using a standard theme
  • $2000 for a self-hosted WordPress website using a premium theme (up to 10 pages and 2 custom menus plus blog page)
  • Pricing for additional pages and long term maintenance is based upon quantity and how much is involved.
  • Prices quoted here are for a fairly basic website but we’ll be pleased to add bells and whistles or to provide additional services such as writing content or making it look better with our graphic design or photography services

Custom design

We know our way around creating custom websites too. If you need a more robust website, Communicate & Howe! can still help.

Before establishing Communicate & Howe!, James Howe oversaw the creation of a new audience-friendly website for the YMCAs of Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo. Created by the eSolutions Group which contributed its expertise, the site reflects James’ understanding of the YMCA and the needs of its key audiences. We can act as your own internal communications department and act as an intermediary between you and your web design firm to ensure your site reflects your organization and its audiences and that the finished product matches your needs.

Needs Analysis / Strategy

We can also perform a needs analysis to help you determine your needs for a website and make recommendations on how to meet them. This information can, among other benefits, help to determine your budget and guide your selection of a web design firm.

Your website should only be a part of your online strategy. We can help you figure out what the rest of your strategy should be and how each of the pieces work together for maximum impact.

Website Audit

We can audit your website and make recommendations on how to improve it without starting from scratch with a new website. Essentially, we determine how your current website tools can be used to make your site more effective. We look at how the website is organized and how content is presented. For example, we look at menus, identify missing or duplicate content and recommend how to use existing or new, cost-effective tools to polish your website. Changes recommended can be performed by your staff, your web design firm or our team.